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Green energy is that which comes from natural sources, such as the sun. Clean energy are those types which do not release pollutants into the air, no greenhouse gas emissions.


Plastic use has come with severe environmental, social, economic and health consequences. Learn more about plastic pollution and solutions to limit plastic consumption and recycle the plastics.


An ecosystem is a geographic area where plants, animals, and other organisms, as well as weather and landscape, work together to form a bubble of life. Biotic factors include plants, animals.

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International Forest Day

International Day of the Forest is a reminder of the vital role that forests play in sustaining our planet and the urgent need to protect them.

Recycle and Reuse plastic

Plastic recycling is the processing of plastic waste into other products. Recycling can reduce dependence on landfill, conserve resources.

Nusa Penida’s Coral and Beach

Home to beautiful rock formations, clear blue waters, a huge array of marine life (read: dolphins) and chill vibes all around, it's no wonder many flock.

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